My name is Brett Roberts. I am a photographer, blogger, and writer, among many other things.

I’ve been taking photos for some time now. When I first started posting my photography online, it was on my blog. Each time I posted a series of photos, I did so under the title ‘The Amateur Photographer’.

There are three definitions of the word ‘amateur’: one who is not particularly skilled at something; one who loves doing something; one who is not paid for the work he or she does. Each of these definitions fit my photography, so the name was very appropriate.

On this website, I’ve chosen to use my given name rather than an alias such as ‘The Amateur Photographer’. Yet, this does not mean this title is no longer accurate. Perhaps one day I’ll advance to the level of making money with my photos, but this does not mean that the title no longer applies to me. I would never want to reach the point in which I think I have perfected my skills as a photographer. Each time I go out with my camera in hand, there is an opportunity to improve. And it’s my love of photography that draws me continuously to pick up my camera. I never want my love of photography to diminish.

For as long as I take photos, my hope is that I’ll continue to be able to call myself an amateur photographer.

If you would like to know more, please contact me. Also, head over to my blog, PilgrimShelter.com, to see my writing. Thanks for visiting!

Self-Portrait, 2017